Lanersbacher Hof in Tux –

the favourite hotel for gourmets

The Lanersbacher Hof’s lobby exudes authentic Tyrolean charm, the fragrance of local woods pleasantly fills the air and an honest smile at reception welcomes you with warm hospitality. At the Lanersbacher Hof, our feel-good hotel in Tux, you arrive and feel at home straight away. And you will remember this cosy feeling of being well looked after for a long time to come after your stay.

Our family-run hotel in Tux has long ceased to be an insider’s tip – we are known in Tyrol, Austria and, judging by our international regular guests, all over the world. Despite this we have managed to continue to be something special in the region and to be able to offer our guests an atmosphere that is unrivalled. If you ask us what our secret is we would perhaps say: We encounter every detail of your stay with great attention because your enjoyment is a matter really dear to our hearts. From our award-winning cuisine to the feel-good rooms, from the wellness facilities to dealing personally with our guests – we make sure every single day that every corner of the Lanersbacher Hof exudes a sensation of well-being.

In doing so we also rely on a combination of the traditional and modern, from the light design to the spa areas, as everything looking good and running totally smoothly is also just as much a part of well-being.

We would be delighted for you to become part of our family at the Lanersbacher Hof gourmet hotel in Tux.