Welcome to the award-winning restaurant of our gourmet hotel Lanersbacher Hof in Lanersbach

Chef in our kitchen is the local hero Toni Fercher, with whom we have found an absolute master of cuisine for many years.

Toni Fercher and his team conjure up tasty and healthy culinary experiences in the kitchen at Lanersbacher Hof. Christine Brugger's brother-in-law relies on the highest quality products from the region. Whether lamb, game or milk-fed calf. Toni Fercher knows all his ingredients intimately and is tireless in his constant quest for perfection. 

This vocation to create unique experiences in terms of taste has also given rise to what is probably his best-known dish: His own interpretation of lamb from the Tuxer Steinschaf is an incomparable delicacy in which Toni Fercher has invested more than just work in the kitchen. With his good friend and farmer Franz Frankhauser, who breeds this breed for our epicurean hotel in the Zillertal, our gourmet chef has insights into the entire process the meat goes through on its way to his kitchen. You can hardly get any closer to the product. Always on the lookout for new opportunities and experiences, the two realised a very special idea: their own Black Angus breeding. Since then, Toni Fercher and his team at the Lanersbacher Hof have been delighting guests with Black Angus beef time and again.