Feel-good factor with the Brugger family at the Lanersbacherhof

Every smile comes back with a smile.

When you are greeted every morning by relaxed, happy people, our guests, it’s hardly surprising that we love our work at the Lanersbacher Hof.

Our guests want to be treated just like we treat each other in the family – with respect, joy and love. Every smile is reciprocated with a smile.
Every happy guest fuels our passion further, making it really easy to become a perfectionist in indulgence. Over the years we have learnt to meet our guests’ needs, to organise the hotel totally based totally on their requirements and tailor every single detail towards the perfect holiday.
As a result we leave behind a lasting impression, which is proven by the large number of our regular guests.

We look forward to being able to welcome you at the Lanersbacher Hof gourmet hotel soon! 

Christine and Simon Brugger and the whole team at the Lanersbacher Hof